'Pokemon Go' Announces Adventure Week

While the Pokemon Go fad has faded, as all fads do, the game is still very much being played by more dedicated fans. People are still traversing the globe looking for Pokemon out in the world, and in honor of those still trying to "catch 'em all" Pokemon Go will be celebrating an Adventure Week.

As noted in the announcement for Adventure Week, as of May 11 Pokemon Go players have traveled more than 15.8 billion kilometers, which is billions of miles as well, but you'll have to do the conversion yourself if you want the exact number. To "honor the memories created so far, and our collective journey yet to come" Adventure Week will be celebrated from May 18 until May 25.

For the occasion, more items are being awarded at PokeStops, and Poke Balls will be half off in the in-game store. The announcement also suggests you look out for Rock-type Pokemon, so one assumes that perhaps some rare Rock Pokemons, or Rocky-mons to coin a portmanteau, will be popping up more often during Adventure Week.

At this point in the game's run, these gimmick events are happening more and more often, in order to keep people excited. However, that means if you've stuck with the game, it's really paying off for you. Plus, all that walking has probably been good for your health.