Get Ready For 'NASCAR Heat 2'

Gentleman, start your (video game) engines. 704Games will release NASCAR Heat 2, a follow up to last year's NASCAR Heat Evolution, on September 12.

It seems like they are quite intent on improving upon Heat Evolution, as 704Games CEO Paul Brooks said, "This new game will have a very different look and an enhanced overall experience that reflects the insights of actual NASCAR drivers." They also plan to really ramp up their online multiplayer experience, and there will a beefed-up career mode, plus, of course, new drivers and tracks and such. There will also be a cover athlete competition that you can vote on if you are so inclined.

While sports video games are super popular, auto racing games have never quite taken off like, say, football and basketball games. That's somewhat odd, because driving games aren't necessarily unpopular. People just don't seem to be that into pretending to be Jimmie Johnson and driving in an oval. Maybe NASCAR Heat 2 will change that. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC.