Former Opera CEO Builds Vivaldi, A Powerful Web Browser

Jon Von Tetzchener, former CEO of Opera browser, has launched a new way to browse the web. It’s called Vivaldi and it’s designed to customize the browser to fit your way of working––a true personal browser.

“Vivaldi has a lot of settings to make it truly yours. We spend a lot of time making those settings accessible to you,” Vivaldi CEO Jon Von Tetzchener told

Vivaldi browser offers a ton of awesome features: Tab handling, which allows users to have many tabs open; bookmarks uses snapshots of pages to help users find their way; Vivaldi notes are great for catching your favorite quotes on the Internet; and the capture function allows you to take a screenshot of the browser, including part of the browser or a full page, or select parts of a page being hidden.

In addition, Vivaldi offers plenty of ways to tailor the look of the browser. “We change the color of the browser when browsing, by default, when visiting sites, but you can also choose your own colors and the overall look of the browser,” Tetzchener said.

Compared to Opera, the Vivaldi browser was created without any external funding. “My last startup, Opera, ended up having 350 million active users. However, we had issues with having some bad investors. Not having investors means we can focus on just one thing––building a great product for our users.” Generating enough money from his last venture has allowed Tetzchener to fund the company by himself. “All employees are owners, which is great. We own the company together,” Tetzchener said.

What’s next for Vivaldi? The company is working on email and a mobile version, and is experimenting with new features every day. “We will continue to innovate and add really cool and useful stuff!” Download Vivaldi browser here.